Terms and Conditions of Participation

PRIVACYREPORT.ORG is a tool that allows you to check a possible vulnerability of your personal data on the web in order to alert you and encourage you to take protective actions (change of passwords, useful information in general) in the event of a positive result. The way in which this information is obtained is by carrying out an exhaustive search in the databases of filtrations of the different information services such as social networks and/or entertainment or other online services that have suffered any vulnerability.

The data provided by PRIVACYREPORT.ORG is provided by "Have I Been Pwned?".

The following Terms and Conditions of Participation cover the entire contents of the PRIVACYREPORT.ORG domain, and their use is subject to their acceptance.


PRIVACYREPORT.ORG is a product of AURAT, Inc., 651 North Broad Street, Suite 206, Middletown, DE 19709.


To register in PRIVACYREPORT.ORG you will have to provide Name and Surname and an E-mail Address, through which you will be able to access to your reports through a link that you will receive in each occasion, in this account.
At all times we will give you the opportunity to delete and/or update your information. To do this, at the bottom of each communication (Email), you will have the desired option for each purpose.


Here are the communications you agree to receive from PRIVACYREPORT.ORG

Transactional Notifications

-Each time you request it, PRIVACYREPORT.ORG will send to your personal Mail Account a response to your request ("Account Status Summary" Email, "Unsubscribe Confirmation" Service, "Profile Data Modification Confirmation", etc.).

-PRIVACYREPORT.ORG reserves the right to change its Terms and Conditions of Participation and/or Privacy Policy at any time by notifying registered users (Email).

All changes to the Terms and Conditions of Participation and/or Privacy Policy will become effective when notified via Email and/or on the Site, and continued use of any PRIVACYREPORT.ORG service after publication will constitute your acceptance and agreement to be bound by such changes.

Informative Notifications

-PRIVACYREPORT.ORG will send you "Informative Bulletins" to keep you informed of the dangers that may arise and that threaten the health of your privacy on the website.

Commercial Notifications

-Bearing in mind the importance of a service like PRIVACYREPORT.ORG is that we have decided to provide it for free. Our goal is to alert you and help you protect your personal data by providing you with relevant information. Accompany you and help you maintain your privacy on the web. In exchange we will eventually bother you with some "Commercial Bulletins" in order to be able to finance the service.


PRIVACYREPORT.ORG is an information service that has no link with the vulnerabilities reported by the service. On the other hand, it repudiates and condemns such practices. Its objective is to benefit people by providing free information to alert them and encourage them to protect their privacy. Therefore, PRIVACYREPORT.ORG does not have any degree of responsibility for the data poured into its reports nor does it store such information on its servers. Have I Been Pwned" being the supplier of the same ones.

PRIVACYREPORT.ORG reserves the right to suspend or terminate your registration if you violate these Terms and Conditions of Participation. You also agree to indemnify and / or keep PRIVACYREPORT.ORG out of any loss, damage or expense arising from its misuse.


By registering at PRIVACYREPORT.ORG, you accept and confirm knowledge of the Spanish Language sufficient to understand the Terms and Conditions of Participation and Privacy Policies established at PRIVACYREPORT.ORG recognizing the Spanish version as the only valid one, for the purposes of any possible controversy, legal dispute or claim, although in some cases they are in other languages such as English, Portuguese, French, Italian, or German.

Any dispute or conflict in relation to the Terms and Conditions of Participation and/or the Privacy Policy will be resolved through good faith negotiations between the parties. If this is not possible, the parties submit to the courts of the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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